Thursday, November 1, 2012

October workshop in Taos

This was the first painting location for the workshop in Taos. We had perfect weather, with beautiful fall color in the trees. It's difficult to see, but there are 9 painters in this photo.

I did a demonstration painting to start the morning at 9.

La Mirada  6x12"

This is another demo from the town of Arroyo Seco, where we spent day 3. 
Seco Yellow, 8x10"

Afternoon truck demo by popular demand. Seco Truck, 9x12"  sold

On the high road to Taos, I met a guy who lives on about 5 acres, half of which is covered with old rusty cars. I fell in love with this '64 Galaxie.

I had painted an old Cadillac in the morning, and needed a break from heavy structure and drawing. I set up on the same property at the fence line, and painted this view of the neighbors house.

In progress . . .

Penasco Yellow, 9x12"

Another day, another rusty car.