Thursday, April 26, 2012

Delta Delta Delta

This is from a photo I took while driving back from the Knowlton Gallery recently. There are so many hills around where I live that it's rare I get to see the sun actually hit the horizon when it's supposed to. This will be for sale at the upcoming MALT show. "Eclipse" 12x16"  sold

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Ranches and Rolling HIlls

I'm busy painting for the upcoming MALT show in Nicasio May 19 and 20. Here's one I did last week. Another in the series of over 50 paintings I've done of rancher Richard Respini. It's a common strategy of mine to allow a way for the viewer to navigate through the painting. In this one, I removed the gate for just that reason. (no title yet) 12x16"

Edgar Payne

Last Saturday my family and I went to the Crocker Museum in Sacramento to see the Edgar Payne show "The Scenic Journey". WOW! It was my first time to that museum -- lots to see. And the Payne exhibit was big and really, really good. I think it's up until early May before it moves to another city. If you get the chance, go see it. It's definitely worth the effort. I came home after the show, looked around my studio and felt like SUCH an amateur! That dude could paint. I bought the accompanying book at the show for $60 and love it.