Friday, June 8, 2012

New York

Just back from teaching a 3-day workshop in Greenport on Long Island. A great little town to paint, with boats, old buildings on the waterfront and lots of great old houses. This is the last demo I did, in a boat yard where we had permission to paint. (9x12" sold) And yes, those are puddles. It rained on day 2, so we painted in the studio from photos, which worked out well. When it was all over, I spent 2 days in Manhattan, strolling my old neighborhood. Hadn't been back in about 15 years, and it has changed quite a bit. The highlight, was a pilgrimage to the Hispanic Society on W. 155th Street to see the Sorolla murals. OMG! I had seen some of them in books, but in person. . . it was a religious experience. After that, a few hours at the Met in the new American Wing and my optical nerve was happily toasted.

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  1. Great painting. Love your loose painting style and how you have captured the light, shadows and puddles!