Monday, September 24, 2012


These are some photos from the September workshop on Monhegan. There were 13 painters from all over the U.S., and we had a really fun week, with lobster, wine, and lots and lots of painting!

Our first morning, painting on Horn Hill.

Me painting on my free afternoon.

Bob working on an outbuilding near the lighthouse.

The last day, indoor demo, back. . .

. . . and front. Monhegan House dining room.

The group on the front lawn of the Island Inn.

Jim finishing up at the lighthouse.

Our group painting at the lighthouse.

Kevin Beers, me and Errol at our first annual cocktail party hosted by Remak.

Almost the whole group, back row, left to right: Errol, Karen, Jill, Kevin, Remak, Tom. Front: Tony, Connie, Richard, Jim, Bob and me. (not pictured: Nina, Kathy, Manny)

Karen, Bob and Jill at the cocktail party, waiting for the sunset.

All aboard. Finally on our way to Manana! On my last visit to Monhegan 3 years ago, I had tried unsuccessfully to make it over to Manana for a hike. This year I was determined. It took us 3 days for everything to fall into place, and we finally made it, though not with the entire group.

Rusty at the helm, on the way to Manana.

Climbing the ramp onto Manana. Island Inn and the ferry in the background.

This building contains an old engine that used to pull supplies up the ramp to the Coast Guard station.

Abandoned Coast Guard station.

Yes, there are indeed goats on Manana! We spotted 6.

The view from the top of Manana toward Fish Beach.

Me painting the fog at Swim Beach.

Errol and Tom working the morning shift at the lighthouse.

The popular red house at sunset.

My hotel room view on Vinalhaven.

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