Monday, January 14, 2013

Crew Commission

This is the small pencil sketch for a commission painting. I went out on the assistant coach's boat for about an hour, taking photos of my subject in a single. I shot around 110 photos, and this particular set up just seemed perfect from the first moment i saw the photo.

This is a 6x8" oil study.

This is the first stage of the block-in of the final commission painting.

Further along in the block-in.

With the block-in finished, I decided to tackle the face first, knowing that would be the most difficult part.

Finished painting 24x30"


  1. I loved watching the progression...the finished painting is great.....!!!

  2. Nice post. Beautiful job on the painting -- it will be a family treasure for them!

  3. Really stunning! Perfect colour temperature too. Congrats Tim. Deborah Hill

  4. Hi Tim
    Yours is really a great process. I recently did a 14 x 11 oil portrait of a guy and his vintage car from a photo I took, using what I learned (including the grid) in last February's workshop in Sausalito. I've since recommended your workshops to my oil painting friends in our life drawing group (Crockett studio).
    By the way, Sue and I have really been enjoying the oils of the Ford pickup (Fairfax) and Orange Ford that we bought at your recent open studio event.
    John Tullis

  5. Thanks everyone. I think the hardest part was that distant boat -- trying to get the light and the structure without too much detail and getting too tight. The near boat was the most fun. Starting with a good photo with strong lights/darks, warms and cools was very helpful.

  6. Hey Tim, Just came across your work. It knocks me out. Thanks!

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