Friday, November 28, 2014

Sedona Workshop, November 2014

I taught a 3-day workshop in Sedona, Arizona in early November, with 12 students from all over, including a young woman from Alberta! We spent the first day in the classroom, where I did this demonstration painting from what one of the students referred to as a "butt-ugly" photo.

For day two, we drove 40 minutes to the historic town of Jerome, which  was full of old buildings, perched on a mountainside. 

I set up first thing in the morning to do a demo -- perhaps my coldest painting experience ever. The Roman style seating was perfect for viewing.

The view across the street.

My finished painting, 8 x 10"

The drive home at the end of the day was always spectacular.

For our last day, we visited the charming Gold King Mine, with over 100 trucks (all facing East)

One of my students pointed out the (frightening) resemblance between me and the proprietor. Or maybe it's just that we shop at the same clothing stores. He called himself a 'truckaholic'.

The place was filled with old vehicles, and sprinkled with animal curiosities, like a pair of chi hua huas living in an old yellow coup.

I did a demo painting of an old rusty truck (what else?). A little warmer on this morning with lots of sun.

Not my typical subject matter, I much prefer cars and trucks from the 50's and 60's. But this one had perfect light on it with a view to the distant hills beyond.

The finished painting, 8x10".

Tom hard at work.