Sunday, August 19, 2012

Fresh Paint

 These are some of the new paintings I had at the Napa Valley Art Festival yesterday. I was afraid this one might be too colorful, but i just kind of let it go that way. I really like the sky shape. 12x24"

Setting up an easel in the middle of Market Street is always challenging. 9x12"

For this sun glaring San Francisco scene, i tried to tone down the color a bit, giving it a slightly mono chromatic feel. 16x20"

Palm trees and scrappy liquor stores. I love L.A. 11x14"

I prefer all original classic cars to hot rods, but decided to paint this woody anyway, despite its mag wheels.  "Surf Ready" 9x12"

I've been driving by this car for years and finally made a date to go paint it. I had intended to leave more space between the car and the right side of the canvas, but my drawing got away from me and I decided to leave it. I kind of like the resulting tension it creates.  "Working Man"  11x14"


  1. The first pictures, I though they were like photos. The art is good and looks very real.

  2. Really like these, subject speaks to me like period pieces; enjoy stroke work, palette, comps, atmosphere and mood. Thanks for sharing Tim