Sunday, August 5, 2012

Fall Workshop in New Mexico!

I'll be teaching a workshop in Taos October 16, 17 and 18. I'll be going to Santa Fe for the Canyon Road paint out on the 20th and thought I might be able to get enough students for a workshop. Such great stuff to paint in that area! It's a great time of year out there and seems to be no shortage of old buildings and old vehicles. See my website for more details

This is from a small town just outside Taos. I like the abstract quality of it, and I'm particularly fond of the sky shape.  "Sheltering Sky" 8x10"

In my back road ramblings between Taos and Santa Fe I found a small property that had about a dozen old cars in the yard ( and a noisy little chihuahua.) I fell in love with this old Buick Special and fantasized about being able to afford to have it fixed up and made road worthy. I'd make sure the chrome was polished, but would leave the rust as is.

I don't paint too many pure landscapes, and maybe because of the road and sign this doesn't exactly qualify, but it's about as close as I get. This was a back road just south of Santa Fe. I was struck by how intensely blue the distant hills appeared.

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